Broken Slide Fixed

Our backyard slide and swing set is about 8 years old. We have had it adjusted to hold more swings thanks to Chris’ dad, David. It used to hold 2 swings, now four. I think we may need to add one more with 5 kids who still love to swing! This Spring, Thomas is out of the baby swing! Full on big kid swings for everybody!! Yay! Another baby stage gone. 

So the other day, Julia decided to lift the slide off the ground, causing the screw places to completely let go. The slide was detached. The kids were not happy. With so many broken toys lately, I was determined to make sure it got fixed.

The screws were old and rusted making it hard to remove them. The screw was becoming stripped. I remember a trick I seen a while ago and decided to put it into action. A thick rubber band placed across the top of the screw and then I used the screw driver to gently turn and take the screws out. It was a slow process and the band got a bit holy. The screw did not get stripped too much because of the band. Yay!

I placed the slide back into position and put the screws back in place. I used the rubber band again. I probably could have used new screws, but I did not think about that at the time.

Kids are happy and so am I!

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