Goodbye Dispisable K-Cups

We were never big coffee drinkers at home when Chris and I met. Actually, I did not drink coffee back then. We had a percolator (still have it in storage) which was used once a day. I think most coffee came from Tim Hortons or maybe the office where Chris worked.

Back in 2013 I think, I bought Chris our first Keurig machine. It was so convienent and there were many flavoured options to choose from. We did not think about the amount of trash we were creating. Blinders.

During my pregnancy with our 4th child, Jack who was born late in the year 2014, I started to drink coffee. Twice the amount of waste, and still did not care about the trash.

sometime in the 2 years after we bought that keurig, it suddenly stopped drawing water. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure Chris tried to fix it with no luck.  Hooked with the convienence, we bought another Keurig without a second thought. I can remember my mom giving us a reusable pod to fill with coffee grounds, but we never did used it. It just was not something we wanted to do, lazy I guess. I really don’t know what to say about it! (I shake my head now!).

In the year 2018, July, I made the switch to the resable pods to avoid the plastic waste. My eyes were finally opened. Shortly after, the Keurig, once again stopped drawing water just like our other one. Chris managed to get it working again for a day or two but it would not go any longer. I thought about switching to a different method for coffee (A French Press was mentioned to me), but Chris was not ready for that change and I had the reusable pods. I was not interested in having two setups for coffee making either, only so much counter space. So we bought another machine.

So, today, April 14th 2019, Chris had his last disposable coffee pod! Yup! He is making the switch as I did last year and using the reusable pods! I’m so happy and impressed! I knew he would eventually and I did not pressure him into it, much. I know he has to make these decisions for himself, no forcing it on him. Last month I bought ground coffee in the flavour he likes so he could try it with the reusable pods. That is where it started, just a little nudge.

So all month, I have been taking pictures of the pods slowly disappearing. You can tell I’m excited!!

From Bulk barn, I bought him German Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Hazelnut Cream and Hazelnut Cream. These are very similar to what he used to get.

Here is a visual about how I disposed of the K-Cups. We only bought the kind that were “recyclable”. Yes they had a #5 recycling symbol, but you had to do some work to make it actually recyclable. The top of the pod had the coffee filter glued to it. One can not simply peel the top off and recycle it as the instructions on the box indicate.

Disposal directions here are incorrect. This will lead to contamination at the recycling centre. I called our Waste Watch team asking about it and they confirmed these pods are NOT recyclable. I asked if I removed the top completely, would it be recyclable then, and the answer was yes, but that they are not asking the public to do that. (I think they totally should!)
Take your pod and cut the top off with scissors
Cut on the bottom of the lid ridge as shown. This will also cut the filter along with the plastic, releasing it from the cover (the cover is the problem)
Once cut all around, empty the filter and grinds into the compost
Now the lid can go to the waste and the pod can go to the recycling bin after a quick rinse.

Isn’t that better than throwing the whole pod in the trash destined for landfill? At least now, the recyclable bit has a chance to be recycled. One can do this if switching to a reusable method is not in the picture . . . yet.

I keep a bowl by the sink to hold the used pods, so that when it is full I can clean them all at once in a bulk amount. I’ve never had any mold grow leaving them there for 5 or 6 days. But now, with the reusable pods, I can and will need to clean them dailey, which is great, less clutter on the counter!

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