Another Near Plastic Free Shopping Day

Saturday morning. The busiest day of the week I think! Up for morning coffee and wake-up. Breakfast for the household and create a shopping list. One list for The Summerside Farmer’s Market. A second list for Bulk Barn. A third for meat products at The Summerside Butcher Shop, whom I call before I leave home and pre-order our needs wrapped in butcher paper.

Next I collect whatever containers I need for my shopping trip.

  • A couple for the Farmer’s Market for bacon and kolbassa. I repack an empty egg carton go bring back to the vendor for more fresh local eggs. When I have a bunch of elastics, they come with me to be returned to another vendor at the Farmer’s Market for reuse.
  • I pack an extra container to take to Superstore to buy deli meat, plastic free. I just got permission last week! Yay!!
  • On my Bulk Barn list, I circle the items that need a container, like powders and coffee or peanut butter. My cloth bags are all ready for anything else for the trip in my Bulk Barn bag.
  • A blue thermos bag is used to pick up our meat from The Butcher Shop. If there is a mess, the bag is super easy to sanitize!

First stop is Murphy’s Pharmacy if need be for any medical supplies. Next the bank for cash then the Farmer’s Market. These 3 places are very close together, walking distance when the weather warms up for sure!

At the Farmer’s Market I first drop off the empty egg carton, I will go there last to pick up our eggs.

Next is Pleasant Pork for our plastic free bacon and kolbassa in my dishes.

Next is Clohossey Farms for plastic free carrots and turnip.

Next, The Farmer’s Wife for soaps. Hand soap, shampoo bar and Laundry soap. There are so many products to choose from and more! The laundry soap is amazing! Locally made, chemical free (the bad stuff) and you can take the container back to be reused with a discount on the next purchase of laundry soap! Yay!

I was buying local apples as well from Brady’s Farm, but they are out of season for now.

I have found local honey and maple syrup in glass too!

Last but not least, I pick up the eggs and head out.

I can not wait until harvest time and see what I can find plastic free and local! Loving it!!!

From here I go uptown and go to Superstore for deli meat. They are very happy to see me and take my container to fill! It feels so natural! If need be, Wal-Mart is next stop, but we rarely shop there anymore! Maybe once a month and only for items we can not get anywhere else.

Next is Bulk Barn. I love seeing others there shopping with their own containers! I was talking to the manager today, Bill, and he said that before, he would go days between seeing someone go in with containers for products. Now its every hour! Isn’t that amazing!! I’m so happy!

Last stop is The Summerside Butcher Shop. I go in and straight to the back door and ask for the order I called in. Its usually all ready to go and I pay at the cash. The usual is 2 whole chickens (they are small), 4 chicken breasts and 1 lb if Hamburg or 1 lb stir fry beef strips. I have not had any messes as of yet. When I am home, I transfer the meat to my own containers and refridgerate and freeze what is needed. I actually believe the meat stays fresher in these containers rather than wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam! Any uncooked meat in the fridge (beef strips) do not turn brown after a few days. Stays that red colour! I was surprised yesterday because that situation happened. I thought the bit of raw meat I had left would be gone bad, but it looked and smelled just as fresh as the day I bought it!

Now home I go with my purchases and put it all away. Greeted at the door by children wondering what it is I bought! So many surprises from Bulk Barn!

After lunch, its cuddle time with Thomas do he can nap and I can out my feet up!

Friday evenings is my grocery night at Sobey’s. I buy here what I can not anywhere else, for now. Fruit, veggies, dairy, crackers, the little amount of juice we drink. Spaghetti and sauce and some chips/pop. The family has cut back a lot on those two items! Also any other miscellaneous items. I must say, the grocery list for Sobey’s has been cut in half or more to go plastic free, but I think it is for the better as I am supporting a lot of local families.

updateRe-reading this, I realize it is more plastic free than I thought! This trip had 2 elastic bands (which will be returned for reuse) and 5 price stickers. That would be it except a trip to Wal-Mart for some rarely bought items like batteries, underwear for a child, pink eye solution (Murphy’s Pharmacies) and a Brita water filter cartridge. Pretty good I must say!

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  1. Thank you for putting in the effort to make the change to this lifestyle. It takes thought and preparation but is kind of addicting isn’t it?? Thanks for sharing!

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