Homemade Vinegar With Apple Scraps

We go through a lot of vinegar in this house it seems. Cleaning the bathrooms and occasionally in the laundry washes. Every time I empty a jug or buy a new jug  I cringe. I have Been keeping the jugs from the recycling bin hoping to put them to good use like a makeshift watering can for the kids in the garden. Refill them with some product in the future.

I am hoping this apple scrap vinegar from the Zero Waste Chef will be the switch we can make to get away from the containers.

Apple Scrap Vinegar

I have been saving apple peelings and most recently apples that have not been eaten entirely by the kids. Just popped them into the freezer in a container. The large jar came from my Mother-in-law. Its the perfect size for this project. I was very much delayed in trying to make vinegar because I had no large container to use.

I started this project April 6th and it could take up to 2 weeks to finish, April 20th or so.

Recommended by Zero Waste Chef, I placed a cloth on top to let the oxygen in, otherwise I would have to open the cover periodically to let the gasses out. Don’t need an exploded jar! The cloth is held by an elastic band I am reusing from The Farmer’s Market.

For fruit fly season, my plan will be to have a separate dish next to this jar yo try and deter the flies there. If the fruit flies become to much to handle, then I may have to make this project throughout the winter and stick up then for the rest if the year. This vinegar should last a year, with periodic “burping” to let the gasses out. I will need another jar or two I think.

I will keep track how long I go through my next jug of vinegar to get a rough time frame and know how much I need to get by with homemade.

Day 1- Apple scraps + 1 Tbsp sugar + water to cover the apples (I think I put more than that, the apple scraps float, haha).

Day 2- Fizzy bubbles are present!

Day 3 and 4- no bubbles. Watching for mold now. Not sure what to expect. I did not let the water sit to for the chlorine to disapate (I did not think there is very much in our water). If this does not work out, I already have some apple cores stored for the next batch. An apple crisp would be delicious any day too! (For the apple peels).

Day 5- Fizzy bubbles are back like it was on day 2, fingers crossed

Day 6- More fizzy, yay!

Day 7- Very fizzy!

For the next several days (April 13-20)  stir once a day until bubbling has stopped.

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