Daniel’s 10th Birthday

10 years ago, we welcomed our first born child, Daniel, into the world. These years sure have flown by and he is an amazing young person!

Happy Birthday!!!
Blowing out the candles
yum yum!
New Razor keyboard. Great investment.
Ready to try it out! (Will get a picture another time) I will add, Chris got this gift bag free and no wrapping was required.
Plastic free decor
Paper fans
Letter D for Daniel. Best icing ever! Like sweetened cool whip!

Plastic free party at Cineplex Theatre this weekend!

Its party time!! I did not take the time to take pictures of the party, but I can give a few pictures before we left and a briefing.

I called to set up the party at Cineplex Theatre. We got the premium deal, which includes a hot dog, 2 bottles of a drink, plates, cups and utensils (paper/plastic). For the show, popcorn, drink and candy.

For the Party Room:

  • Foil wrapped Hot dogs- foil was actually plastic foil (waste). Oops. Ask for not wrapped next time, they will comply.
  • 2 bottles of drink- bring in 2 juice jugs (no plastic waste), pop and fruitopia.
  • Paper plates and cups- compostable, so they say.
  • Plastic utensils- did not need them!
  • Plastic condoment packets- I did not think about that! Bring my own ketchup next time
  • Brought homemade cupcakes
  • Brought some rags and a kitchen towel in case of spills.

Sadly, there was just a one garbage bin for all trash, compostable and waste combined. I should have sorted it myself and found a proper place to dispose of the trash.

For the Movie:

  • Boxed popcorn- compostable
  • Plastic wrapped candy- brought our own from Bulk Barn in our own containers.
  • Drink in plastic cup, lid and straw- Refilled our juice containers and filled our juice bottles to the kids liking, pop or fruitopia. I filled my water bottle too for Chris and I to share.

After the movie, compostable were put in the compost bin provided.

The movie available, Wonder Park, was playing in 3D. So we had to get the 3D glasses. They were wrapped in #4 recyclable plastic. They were dropped off in a recyclable box designated for these glasses. Not too sure what happens to them.

The plastic waste talley:

  • 11 3D glasses and wrappers
  • 9 hotdog wrappers
  • 2 ketchup  packets
  • I’m not sure about the “paper” cups and plates. They were shiny/colour coated. I did not like them the moment I saw them. Bringing my own next time. They had the table set for 12 I think; 12 cups and 12 plates.

Plastic waste not created

  • 11 plastic forks
  • 9 plastic packaged candy
  • 9 cups
  • 9 lids
  • 9 straws
  • Reusing cake trays to transport homemade cupcakes
  • No party favours
  • No excessive gifts/wrapping/packaging

Our party was themed as a Fiver Party. In the invitations sent out, I wrote the theme and asked the invited to send $5.00 instead of a gift. There are many benefits to this and one guest was amazed by the amount of money Daniel got for his Birthday.


  • No packaging waste
  • No non-interested gifts
  • No double gifts
  • Easier to afford for the guest to come to the party
  • The Birthday boy/girl puts the money towards something they want or need; a bike, a desk, a computer chair, hobby, the list goes on!
    Package free candy from Bulk Barn
    Rags and kitchen towel
    Juice jugs and juice bottles.
    Delicious cupcakes!!



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