Spring Clean Up

Today me and the two young boys went for a walk down some streets. We walked down parts of 6 streets, zig zagging the city. I took a washable reusable bag with me to collect any plastic litter. There was a lot! I filled that bag up within 25 minutes (walking slowly holding hands with the 2 year old). I did not try hard either, I needed to be careful with the boys on the sidewalk. Our streets are not very busy at all. Maybe a dozen cars drove by in that time, maybe.

Our walk took us to the nearby park. It was not wet like I thought it would be. I was expecting large puddles all over from the melting snow, but we got their on a good day! The boys swung on the swings, tried out the slide a bit. We did not stay too long as the wind was cold in the open area.

I could did not pick up any more trash on the way home. I decided the bag was full enough and the boys needed me. I felt bad walking past garbage, but a person can only do so much. At least I did some.

Later I emptied most of the trash from the bag. Lots of coffee cups and grocery bags. Lots of little broken plastic pieces too. the reusable bag got a good shake out and thrown in the wash for our next walk.

3 garbage bags, 11 hot beverage lids, 4 ribbons, 18 beverage cups aka coffee cups and two were double cupped, 3 straws, 3 chip bags. Lots of miscellaneous items like broken bits and cigarette butts.
5 grocery bags, 3 pop cans, steel pieces, 3 cat food cans, a large bucket cover.
miscellaneous plastic garbage.

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