Soft Margarine

Spreadible Margarine

4 squares of Margarine (I use Parkay)
1/4 cup of Olive Oil

I wanted to stop buying the tubs of Becel. But keeping the plastic free Parkay squares in the fridge meant it was not going to be soft to spread on bread or toast. I don’t want to keep butter on the counter, I like keeping it clear if I can. I never really did butter out of the fridge myself either. I think if it is kept in the fridge it will last longer. A friend on the Waves of Change group on Facebook, shared what she does.

I don’t like real butter. I did not grow up with real butter, that I can remember. I don’t like the smell or the taste. So margarine is my go to. Parkay brand to be specific (Becel for spreadable), for plastic free squares. They are wrapped in paper only and boxed. It is cheaper as well, comparing to other brands.

What I do is take 4 squares (2 cups) and let it come to room temperature completely. It will blend smoothly if so! I let mine sit on the cupboard overnight. Next I put it in my Kitchen Aid mixer (any mixing tool will do) and add 1/4 cup ov Olive Oil. Mix until well blended and store in your own container. I kept using the Becel dish, reuse! It stays in the fridge and is quite managable for spreding. If you want it softer, add more Olive Oil, maybe 1/3 cup.

Any oil will work, I chose Olive Oil as it comes in glass.

Another plastic container out of this house!


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