Tidy Up the Livingroom Bookshelf

Many of these already thinned out toys are not played with. Time for more thinning and keep the ones actually used.
Cleaned up, next thin out the unused
One box full gone to the attic. In time, I will switch out some with the attic toys
Next is the rest of the bookshelf
Much better!
Puzzle boards are always in use!
Large amount of blocks used too.

This is basically for Thomas. Other kids rooms need a change over too!

One box of toys (babyish) gone to the attic. Half a box for donations.

I brought down some paper books for Thomas (as a test) to help declutter the mountain Jack and Julia have. Hoping he is out of the stage of ripping books. He is getting better all the time! Every time we let him do things like his older siblings, its an achievement for us to not have everything baby proof!

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