Plastic Free Meat Options

I made my first trip to our local Summerside Butcher Shop for unpackaged meat! Kevin, the manager, allowed me to purchase meat products with my own containers! I was over joyed!

Though, he would appreciate the meat wrapped in butcher paper rather than my own containers. He does not want to risk my containers contaminating their area for food health reasons. I certainly do not want to cause any problems. The fact that they are willing to use butcher paper alone suits my needs to not have plastic wrapped products. A win win in my eyes.

I can call to place my order before I go to the shop and they will have it ready for pickup. Super easy and they are accomodating me with the days I have available. Weeks ago, when I spoke with Kevin, he gave me permission to use my own containers, but I had to go on certain days (Monday or Tuesday) as they are busy with their own orders. Well, those days did not work for me. Either I had no vehicle, or the other day just did not give me time. I was not too keen on taking the other kids either (I don’t know why I thought it would be difficult, it was not!!). Today while I was talking to Kevin, I expressed that Saturday would be much better for me to pick up supplies, as that is my grocery day anyways. I would be in the area too. He agreed to any day, what ever helped me.

He told me another lady started ordering her products just in butcher paper too. Snowball effect!!! Also, they are trying to find a compostable material to use instead of the Styrofoam trays. They have been experimenting trying other products. Yeah!!!!

I need to find a container that will house a whole chicken. And fit in the fridge. We always have a roast chicken diner on Sunday. I don’t really want to make a special trip in on Sunday, but we are only 5 minutes away. If I did pick up that day, there would be no need for re-fridgeration if I timed it right. Food for thought.


I now buy our bacon and kobalssa sausage plastic free (in butcher paper) from Pleasant Pork at the Summerside Farmer’s Market. 

Update March 16th

Got my meat plastic free at The Summerside Butcher Shop. Though, the paper is lined, I don’t know by what, I will investigate. But, it is much better than the Styrofoam trays and less plastic (if the lining is plastic) than the cling wrap normally used on packages. I will continue this path with The Summerside Butcher Shop.

Easy to clean thermal bags in case there is a leak of meat “juices”.
Hamburg on the left chicken breasts and two whole chickens on the right. The whole chickens are small, so need to buy two for our family.
Placed in an old ice cream cake container.
Perfect fit, perfect dish for reuse.

As for the butcher paper at the Farmer’s Market, there is no lining on the paper!

Today’s Farmer’s Market hull

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