Trying to make homemade Hazelnut Butter

March 9th

The past two weeks I have been trying to make a homemade hazelnut butter recipe. Our kids love Nutella.

Try #1

I started to go with the Zero Waste Chef’s recipe, but with my tiny food processor, I could not manage to make the hazelnut butter. My machine was overheating as well! The texture was way too crumbly and I used too much coconut oil to try to make it more runny. It will be great to try and make hazelnut butter balls (like peanut butter balls). Yummy!

Try #2

I bought some hazelnut butter at Bulk Barn, which was a perfect butter blend. I followed the above recipe, with 1 and 1/4 cup of hazelnut butter. I found the cocoa to be strong tasting and added a total of 1 Tbsp icing sugar. It could use more. The other problem I encountered was the salt. 1/8th of a tsp was too much. Next time round the salt will be left out and added by pinches or shakes (salt shaker) to taste. More hazelnut type treat needed to be made, don’t want to waste it! (Less food waste and money loss).

I bought some more Hazelnut butter for another re-try in the near future.

March 16th Try #3

I finally nailed the recipe!!! This time I took the time to re-read the whole article in The Zero Waste Chef’s article. She mentioned that one of her daughters uses icing sugar instead of honey. I figure, the recipe needs more sweetener than the honey can give. The kids are custumed to that. So I took the route of icing sugar and the recipe turned out beautifully!! I also only added a pinch of salt, not the directed amount. I did not want to make the too much salt mistake again! The kids like it!

I will make a new article with my process the next time I make a batch. Here is the recipe I used.

June 2nd Try #4

I forgot to update a while ago, but the kids decided they preferred the Nutella brand more. So I put making my own on hold, back in March. (Kinda disappointed!!). Me and Chris are sure, that if the kids were introduced to the previous recipe, they would have liked it. They are just so intuned to the sweetness and chocolate taste of Nutella!

This day, after going through a container of Nutella every two weeks or less, I’m back to try again! This time with chocolate to add to the mix! 

I sure wish the big kids were home from school to try it out! It still does not have the chocolate taste like Nutella . . . Thomas likes it, not so much Jack. I really do not want to buy another jug of Nutella. We are almost out.

I think its amazing. Though I should have re read by blog, forgot to add less salt! Oops! I like it better than Nutella. I can’t get past such sweetness for toast like the kids do.

Kids are home, had some with pretzels. Julia dislikes it, dramatically!!! Lol!!! Alaina likes it and Daniel dies too. He rates it a 8.5 out if 10. Though, they agree less salt and more chocolate. Daniel still prefers the Nutella, having a hard time to let it go. He will see what the homemade one is like on toast tomorrow.

I suppose if 4 of the 5 kids made the switch, I would be buying way less Nutella! Reducing is a good thing, a step in the right direction. (Thomas does not eat Nutella by the way, just peanut butter at the time).

Update, June 6.

Thomas is loving the hazelnut butter with pretzels!

Today I added 1/4 cup more powder sugar and 2 Tbsp coconut oil. I must say, it is very very close to the sweetness of Nutella! Daniel tried the H.butter on toast yesterday, didn’t enjoy it very much. The Nutella jug is pretty much empty, not buying a new one this week. Forcing the kids to give my recipe a try. Stay strong!


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