Farmer’s Market Trip

My Saturday morning routine starts at the Farmer’s Market. I don’t have any pictures but maybe next week I can bring my tablet to take some. Off the vendors allow their pictures taken. I am a visual person, I would live to show what I get and from who.

I posted about Clohossey Farms a little while back, allowing me to purchase carrots package free. Here is the post relating.

Today, Clohossey Farms had a separate table featuring 2 lb carrots bundled by an elastic, loose potatoes and loose onions! Each in their own basket, for sale individually. I was so happy to see that!!

I bought more apples from Brady’s Farm, and returned an egg carton to the vendor selling local eggs. I am bad with names!

I started, this weekend, to purchase our bacon plastic free from Pleasant Pork. Also a kolbalssa sausage for Chris. No more plastic wraps. Yay!! Bacon is more pricey, $8.00 per lb and kolbalssa $10.00 per lb (I bought $3.00 worth). But, its local, does not travel a long distance, and plastic free.

I also, bought a popcorn bag!! Inspire Essential Oil Heatable Bags. This vendor sells all kinds of cloth bag products.

1/3 cup bag size. I do not recommend jumbo popcorn kernals. They take too long to microwave and burn as well leaving lots unpoped.
She told me start the time less than the instructions, 2.5 minutes to start.
small size popcorn kernels
3:45 minutes in microwave and this bag is full!
Barely any kernels left, same as popcorn machine.

My Farmers market bag. Consists of the sturdy jute bag itself, an extra reusable grocery bag just in case, 4 produce cloth bags, a pencil and paper, 2 paper bags (for soap bars will be reused over and over),  my money pouch, water bottle, bar soap and hand towel and any empty egg cartons go in here to be dropped off asap to the egg vendor. I want to find a long container to use for the bacon. Will start looking for options. I will start brining my own utensils as well incase I end up eating some amazing foods! Me and Alaina had a crepe the other weekend and we got caught up into using plastic forks and knife. I was not pleased. They suck! Also, if I have time, take a break and have a coffee. Take my own mug and spoon and see if the coffee stand will accommodate my request and maybe plant a seed or two. Who knows who may be around to talk to as well!

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