What to do With Fryer Oil

When we got our first deep fryer about 4-5 years ago, we were not too sure how to dispose of the oil. We use canola oil. Responses we got was to pour the used oil (after a few or several uses) into a container and put that in the waste cart. We were certainly not going to pour it down the drain. I feared of putting it in the compost bin in case there was a massive leak or something. Not something I would want to deal with, that’s a lot of potential leaked oil. So we took the route of using a container we could seal shut. We don’t use the deep fryer much, maybe once a month or two.

So that is a lot of oil and recyclable material going into the waste cart, instead If actually being properly sorted. Yesterday was the day to change over the oil, and in my new mind frame for zero waste, I was certainly not going to create such waste.

I tackled in in a straight manner. I poured the oil into a compost bag and tied it shut. It weighed much less than a usual bag of compost I take out go the cart. There was no way the bag was going to rip due to the weight of the oil. Silly me, all these years!!

Compostable bag.

I just looked up our Provincial Waste Management site, and this is another option they give that would work quite well!

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– – You can freeze the cooking oil in a plastic container and on your collection day, empty the container of solidified oil into the compost cart (you can place the oil in an empty boxboard container first if you wish).”

Another day, another tip.

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