As far as medicine goes and zero waste, keep yourself healthy. If you need medication for whatever reason, get it. We can certainly ask for better packaging or refilling containers at the pharmacy (if allowed,  we don’t need to look for that option ourselves).

Two weeks ago I had a slight yeast infection. Yes, I’m going to talk about it! After a few days, I knew it was not going to go away on its own and that I would need some medicating. I knew of some options and I dreaded the packaging and waste from it.

As I got to the pharmacy, I asked for help in locating all available options, so I could make a less waste decision. I had 3 options. #1 Cream, it would work to relieve symptoms quickly, but take several days to clear the infection. The tube would be waste and any leftover cream deemed hazardous, not destined to landfill. #2 A single pill taken orally. The only waste is the packs the pill is in. The infection would be cleared up in 24-48 hours, but no immediate relief. #3 cream and a oral pill. Tube waste and leftover cream and the pack the pill is in. Double the waste.

I chose option #2. The single pill. It was the medication I was looking for and less waste. It was worth a little discomfort until the medication worked. To be honest, I felt relief after about 10 hours. No big deal!

If there was no option #2, then I would have chosen the double pack, only because I figure the pill would be more effective than the cream alone. I would worry the cream would not work out 100% and I would be back for another wasteful option. Get it done right the first time to create less waste.

I want to express that you should seek medical attention and find out what your options are. You can choose the route you want that best suits. Don’t go completely zero waste at the pharmacy.

I don’t know of any home remedies for this instance, but I respect the scientific medication designed to be effective against infections and the like.


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