Fresh Fruit and Veggies Plastic Free

Grapes. I take a small bunch out of 2 or 3 bags to avoid the plastic packaging. I select the amount I want instead of letting the store select for me. Into my cloth produce bag they go.
Kiwi, onions, lemon and cantaloupe. Package free and the stickers are taken off and left on the fruit stand. Bananas too.
Carrots package free at the farmer’s market, requested no bags and got what I wanted! You may find these package free at the grocery store. Celery package free and a single turnip package free.
Cortland apples from the farmer’s market package free. Used my own cloth produce bag. Broccoli found package free at Superstore. Lettuce package free too.
Gala and Granny Smith apples package free. Naval oranges too. Stickers left on the fruit stand and a cloth bag used for these too.

Apples x2, oranges, kiwi, lettuce, celery, broccoli, carrots, turnip, onions and grapes used to be bought in bulk in plastic bags. By purchasing these plastic free, I have the freedom to select the amount needed for my family. The amount that will most definitely be eaten. The amount that is not too much we will end up with food waste.

The only fruit or vegetable I buy in a package are berries, in a clam shell, and potatoes in a mostly paper bag with a plastic mesh window.

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