Between two Mountains

I’m feeling pretty down this week about plastics. I’m doing my best at home, I’m not down about that! I know we are doing amazing!!

I tried making apple sauce last week, but it came out way to sugary. I tried making Nutella like spread, but failed on that. Will try again this coming week with hazelnut butter this time. I made spreadable margarine, but I’m not completely happy about it, will try again to get the texture and look improved. These recent recipes may have pushed me over a little.

This is a rant, just to get some things off my back. Nothing in any orderly fashion either.

Plastic is everywhere. Up and down the aisles. Featured in flyers. People who are naive about what they buy, don’t notice or don’t care. The producers and manufacturers. Companies say they will change, want to change. That’s great. But we need action now. Not next year. Not in 5 years time. Not in 10 years time. Now.

Every minute there is more production for plastic. And recyclabling is not an option. It is just as bad as any plastic. Waste of time, waste of resources. We really need to reduce!! And people know there is a problem. A blind eye gets turned. There is not enough caring about the environment.  Blinders need to come off. We need to take responsibility. Put our best foot forward and do what we can.

When I look at all the awful packaging on the store shelves, I think about the packaging it took to ship the products there. The other pallets in the back of the store with the same packaging, waiting to be put on the shelf. The products in the trucks and in storage facilities. The products waiting for pickup at the manufactures. The products not yet packaged, but package waiting. The money already spent to make sure the same plastic packaging is available in the future (a week away, a month away, a year away), pre ordered. Its sickening!! The manufacturers need to go through all that pre ordered packaging before they can switch to environmentally friendly packaging. That is a lot of plastic still coming.

I see garbage in the street. Over filling waste carts. I cringe. How can our family of 7 cut back on so much where as a single family or single people put out so much much waste? There is not even a great deal of zero waste options where I am. Farmer’s market, Bulk Barn and whatever I can find plastic free at the grocery store. It can be pretty easy if you know what to look for.

I wonder how could people with disabilities and allergies shop the way I do. I’m a stay at home mom, I have time to make extra recipes to cut back on package waste, such as bread and granola bars, yogurt and home cooked meals. How do two working parents handle it all? Those who do, I applaud gratefully!

I want to get out there more and help those who struggle trying to cut back on plastic. Find out what the struggles are. Help organize the house for a mosty plastic free life. Teach others where to go and how too shop waste free.

I feel like I hit a wall but need to keep going.

Plastic is one thing. Chemicals are bad too. They are in so many products. Cleaning supplies. We harm ourselves and the environment. Body products. If you look up how to disposed of them, they go in hazardous waste. SO WHY ARE WE PUTTING THAT ON OUR BODIES????? Our children and grandchildren at that!!! What have we become? Since I stopped buying these products, I can’t walk down or past a cleaning aisle at the store without getting a scratchy throat. How we bathed and cleaned with those items before beats me. I don’t understand how this is continuing.

The zero waste movement has been coming for a long time. Its slow but it is here. I am becoming impatient. Annoyed by the stores, manufacturers and any plastic packaging that enters my house, especially when I know there is a plastic free option, probably cheaper too.

Since July of 2018, our family started this zero waste journey. I don’t post on my blog about the articles I read online. There is so much information out there about the destruction plastic has taken. Information about what other people are doing to change their lifestyle. Information about towns, cities and countries changing their ways to break away from plastic. Those themselves are inspiring, and I would like to continue my blog about what our family is doing to cut back on plastic waste. That makes mine unique.

I feel like I climbed a mountain since July and know I am on the other side down below. I have done a lot. Been through challenges and cut back as much as I could. I think the next step is to try and make a bunch of recipes to cut out the condiment plastic bottles. I just don’t know if I have the time. Now I need to climb the next mountain, I’m just not sure which direction to take.

Spring is around the corner and Summer after that. I will be focusing on gardening and collecting fruit/veggies. I need to learn how to properly store these items and such too.

We have cut our garbage consumption from 1 bag a day to 1 bag every 2 weeks or more. 2.5-3 blue bag of recyclables to 1 blue bag. Even our compost consumption has dropped by almost half. Less boxes and nearly zero paper towel (baby wipes and hand wipes, probably 1 roll per day).

I need to take some time now and get re organized in my house. Spring cleaning is almost in there air. These past winter days have not given me any light either. Can’t wait for summer!


Im not giving up!! 100% driving forward.
Sometimes a gal just needs a rant! Lol

4 responses on “Between two Mountains”

  1. Hang in there! When I get discouraged by all the plastic garbage I remember the metaphor of a ship taking a one or two degree turn off of the usual path. After a few miles that one or two degree turn puts us in a totally different destination. Every time you refuse, reuse or write something it encourages somebody else to make a change. And all those changes are putting us in a New Direction. A new place. We are the Frontline Warriors. We will win!

  2. You’ve made so many amazing changes in this time!
    I wish we could somehow bottle and share your caring and commitment!
    It’s more than ok to take some time to just be, to just continue, and to nurture your being recognizing how far you have come.
    The next part of your path will emerge from your quiet time, and the time of doing what needs to be done…

  3. It’s okay to feel down and to get it off your chest. Just remember you are such a inspirational person to so many people!! Keep it up!!

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