Our Month Worth of Recyclables in February

Back in November of 2018, I emptied one of the two blue bags to see what was actually in them. Its good to take a step back and look at the big picture. I have to say, since then, we made a ton of progress! We are down to one bag, keeping in mind, I am keeping good size containers for home storage. Containers such as yogurt (no more news ones though as I make my own), vinegar and oxygen bleach containers (they would make great watering cans for the kids and possible candidates for refillable soaps if I find any stores selling them).

So this day, February 19, I emptied our bag. I think we are doing quite well. 2 bags of salt for the driveway and walkways, we are on our 3rd. We bought the biggest bag, bulk is best. It would be nice to find a place where I could scoop my own into a few large containers. That will be a goal for next year.

A few balls of foil, not sure where all that came from exactly. I know one ball is from Christmas, the foil wrapped chocolates. We saved as much foil as we could in a container and then wrapped it in a used piece of foil. small balls of foil will not due, they need to be tennis size balls for recycling, so I hear . . . We rarely use foil anymore, so I will have to keep an eye out for the usage.

We have some raspberry clam shells. I do not really have a use for those. I have been keeping the strawberry shells, as they are great storage options such as puzzles. I am also currently using one to hold cleaning supplies such as rubber gloves and old toothbrushes. I must say, we have cut back on the amount of berries we buy. I am focusing on bring naked fruit home as much as possible and getting the kids to try new fruits. I would say we cut back on berries by half.

K-cups are currently still used. My husband has not made the switch to reusable k-cups. Though I know it is on his mind. To keep these pods out of landfill (hopefully), we purchase the kind that has the recyclable symbol. Though, take note, the pod itself is not recyclable. Here on PEI, Waste Watch Management can not recycle these pods as there is still plastic attached and the filter. Those will highly contaminate a recycling load. With agreement from Waste Watch Management, I cut the top off the K-cup pods. The cover goes to waste and the filter and coffee grinds go to compost. Check out this link to see my process. At least the pods have a chance to be recycled instead of put into landfill. Update April: Done with K-Cups! He switched to reusable like me!!! Yay!

Lots of milk cartons. lots of milk covers and pull tabs. I was wondering if it would be better to buy the 1 L of milk to avoid the caps and tabs, but that would result in more cartons and more money spent out of our pockets. I am not sure which is best.

In this bag, there was a body wash container from Dove. It finally got finished this past month, and I rinsed it out the best I could. I could not believe the odor from that container. So strong. I am not used to fragrances anymore and I find I am getting sensitive to them. Chokes me up and my skin gets super dry if there is contact. Today I picked that container up out of the bin, and then placed it back in the bin after I took the pictures. I had a hard time washing the odor off my hands!!! I washed 3 times and scrubbed with a cloth, but it still lingered on my skin. I don’t know how we washed out whole bodies in that stuff! My mind is blown.

I decided at last minute to keep a few bags and a vinegar container that mysteriously ended up in the blue bag. Two yogurt containers and a Nutella container will be staying as well. 

My storage space for containers. Lots of yogurt ones. I use these for powdered products from Bulk Barn as well as coffee. Cloth bags do not work very well for those. Messy and the powder sticks to the type of fabric I use. The coffee smell seeps into nearby products when using cloth bags. I do love my van smelling like coffee on my drive home, but not so much eating almonds for example and tasting coffee! Lol!!

Jack, my good helper.

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  1. I buy milk in bags then I reuse the large bag for muffins, storage etc and the small bags can also be cut across the top, washed and air dried to be reused.

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