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It has taken 8 weeks for our household to fill our black waste cart. December 16th to February 13th. This includes Christmas, Jack’s Birthday and family party, My Birthday, Julia’s Birthday and party as well as the rest of the household waste.

Our indoor garbage bin gets emptied between 10-16 days. As a reminder, we do not keep meat packages in the house. We have a extra large garbage bag that stays in the waste cart outside, and that is where the meat packages go once they are emptied. Straight outside. Our indoor bin gets dumped into that bag as well. I believe waste (plastic) needs to be contained so the garbage does not get blown away from the wind or out of the garbage truck as they drive down the road. Litter needs to stop and this is one way to help. Contain the garbage as best as you can. We can fit two of these extra large garbage bags in our waste cart.

Also, by waiting until our cart is full before taking it to the road side to get picked up, we are saving fuel and time for the garbage company. One less stop and time saving. Less fuel being wasted on a nearly empty cart and less wear and tare on the truck.

I am looking forward to see how long it takes to fill our cart this time round, as we will not have the extra Holiday and celebrations. Though, 2 more Birthdays are coming up in March and April as well as parties, but I am confident they will not create much waste.

Also, next week on the 20th, it is blue bag day. We will only have 1 blue bag of recyclables to go out. I just started to make yogurt at home, so that will cut out 4 yogurt containers a week. Yay!! Though, I have been saving those containers for some other use. They are still great for taking to Bulk Barn to purchase powdered products and coffee. As well, next time I make homemade play-doh, those yogurt containers will be perfect for storage. The small containers I used to use for play-doh are being used for school lunches.

Later this week, I will be emptying our blue bag to see what it consists of. Getting a visual will help decide what can get cut next.

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  1. Yes there is lots of value to putting full containers out only as often as needed. Most of my neighbours have all bins out on theirvappropriate collection day and I have taken a quick look on occasion frequently seeing bins that are less than half full. Currently my blue bin is very full but I elected to keep it inside on collection day due to snow here in Vancouver. It seems to me that snow days and garbage/recycling days being the same day leads to more litter landing on streets. Also, I am sure snow days are much more difficult for the garbage guys so less of it being put out gets them through their day a little easier.

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