Kids Valentine’s Day Cards For School

Regardless if we were choosing zero waste, we always got the kids to make their own Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. Even I did when I was in school, elementary. I think I can remember 1 year when my mom bought Valentine cards from the store. Awesome!

So obviously, this year was no different. Though, we made much prettier cards with scrapbook card stock I had just sitting around. Usually, we just used construction paper cut into hearts. Also, Julia who is in Kindergarten, received a Paw Patrol book for her Birthday recently, about friendship day, and it had 12 Valentine cards. So we used what we had, completely. The kids understood the reasoning and agreed it was a great move.

Daniel chose to cut his cards into heart shapes.

Alaina chose to make actual cards with her Valentine’s with a simple message. 

Julia used her ready to use cards and we had to create a couple more with the card stock, same as Alaina. A side story, Julia has a friend at school, in a different class and on her bus. But, Julia does not know the girl’s name! She was too shy to ask and forgetful. Daniel and Alaina did not know whom Julia was talking about. Our plan was to send a note to school with Julia to give to her friend, with our contact information so we could set up a play date. Valentine’s Day was the perfect time. Julia sent a lovely card to her friend with the information, and we are currently waiting for a response. We finally found out her name too! Yay!

I took the two younger boys Jack and Thomas, out to play in the snow. We have been cooped up in the house all winter. They had a blast! I dug out a path in the backyard for easier walking for Thomas, he is only 2 and has trouble getting around in the deep fluffy snow. I dug out around the swing set and slide too. Lots of fun.

Did not take long for Thomas to lose his glove!
Swinging fun!

For a Valentine’s Day treat at home, I made chocolate chip muffins with heart sprinkles on top and a unbaked cherry cheese cake for me and Chris. Two thumbs up!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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