Less Blue Bags Needed

As I was tying off a blue bag of refundable recyclable containers such as pop and juice cans, I had a great idea!!

Why not just use a box to store the recyclables in instead of a bag! The bag gets emptied on the spot for counting so it would not matter how they were packaged to get to the depot!! Really!

I have lots of empty boxes from when we were using disposable diapers and wipes in the attic. Not to mention the once in a while parcels that come here. Also, grocery stores have a lot if boxes that they have from unpacking their goods. Super easy to just ask for a couple. Boxes can fold to seal the top as well.

Better yet, if one does not want to use boxes, and old laundry basket(s) or storage container(s) not in use would do to! This way, its an easy wash out and get reused over and over and over!!

One less need for a blue bag! Money and resources saved!

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