Storing Bulk Ketchup

I have been thinking about alternatives for keptchup packaging. We normally buy the plastic 1 L container.

Looking at the ketchup packed in the glass containers looked very appealing, except the price. I was not sure if that was the right commitment as there are also 2.84 L cans, at a much cheaper price. Bulk items usually are.

So my next question was, how do I store the excess ketchup? Heating it back up to preserved in my own mason jars would probably ruin the consistency of ketchup. I read good and bad reviews about freezing. I’m not sure how well the ketchup will keep put in my own jars in the fridge for storage either.

So I jumped on board and bought a can anyways, 2.84 L. I decided I would try both, freezing one jar and storing the rest in the fridge. I think we would go through this stash in about a year.

First sanitize the area. I washed out the old ketchup bottle to be reused. I don’t have a funnel designed for small openings so I used a 1/4 tsp to fill up the container. It actually did not take long. I did not time it, but probably less than 10 minutes, and not much mess. 

Next, with a 1/4 cup, I filled 3 mason jars (left) to the top for the fridge and 1 more jar (right) only about 3/4 full for the freezer. Its very important to leave room for expansion when freezing!! A rule to follow is to keep the product below the curve of the jar.

So, I will see how this process works out when our ketchup bottle runs out. Fingers crossed!

Also, if someone you know wants to share a can of ketchup instead of buying a new plastic container for themselves, that would be a great help!!!!

Reduce and share, or split. Haha.

Making your own would be the best, if one had the time.

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