Less Waste Essentials in the Home

Here are some of my less waste tools.

Steele bowls. They can be pricey, but if you slowly add to your collection of sizes it won’t hurt your wallet in one impact.
Steele straws and pipe cleaner. You can now buy these at Bulk Barn singly.
Steel strainer. This one fits mason jars. Great for transfering food to small spaces.
Glass jars great for storing dry cereal or pasta.
Beeswax wraps. These are so awesome to use! I keep one for cheese (blue). No more containers to take up space in the fridge. Great for wrapping cut fruit as well like the cucumber in the picture. Rince with cold water and hang to dry.
Will dryer balls. You can find them at the Farmers Market or make your own. I found our clothes had lots of static. After some searching, I found that the fleece garments are not a good mix with these dryer balls. I hang our fleece garments to air dry. I still found the clothes had a little static, so I placed a safety pin to each ball and problem solved.
Wooden cutting boards. They repel bacteria better than plastic. No worries about eating slivers of plastic either once they wear down. Wooden cutting boards are repairable and will not go to landfill.
Tea ball. There is a great selection of tea leaves at Bulk Barn. Skip the bag, box and wrapping all together. Takes more time to steep.
Reusable Keurig pods. If you have not made this switch, it is super easy! Bulk Barn carries many different flavours and you can grind the coffee beans there.
Metal measuring cups. Skip the plastic ones completely!!!
Metal spoons and metal carrot peeler. Again, skip the plastic ones. Take time to look for them, or go online.
Metal sick. Skip the silicone ones. They break down overtime. Wooden flipper. No accidently melting plastic. Metal tongs. Metal ladle and slotted spoon. Wooden spoons.
Skip the plastics. There are alternatives!!
Jars of all sizes! I even have some in the freezer for berries.
Reusable bags, thermal bags and cloth produce bags. The cloth produce bags are kept in the side pockets, at the ready for fruit and veggies. Medium sized for apples and oranges, bagels and rolls and others. Large bags for lettuce and carrots with tops, as those I buy without plastic. The thermal bags are for the meat packages. One for chicken. One for beef. No need of the white plastic bags to stop spills. These bags stop cross-contamination and are super easy to clean. Reusable bags for all other grocery needs. This neat pack is kept by the coats for easy, unforgettable access. My purse also houses a reusable bag and a produce bag, just in case.

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