DIY Deodorant Tryout #2

Trying this DIY deodorant recipe again, January 6th.

I recently read an article that says you should detox from store bought deodorant for several weeks before switching to a natural (DIY) kind. It can cause irritation and other problems. When I first tried this recipe 3 or 4 months ago, two days later I was inflamed and itchy.

So here we go!

Update January 17th, 2019

This homemade deodorant is awesome!!! No irritation!! I guess it goes to show to take several weeks without deodorant before trying a DIY kind.

Put the old store bought deodorant in a container (if not finishing it off) marked “hazard”, as those cleaning and beauty products are not supposed to be disposed in your house hold garbage (On Prince Edward Island at least). Good question here: why do we lather ourselves in hazardous products?!

Also, if your shirt rubs on the product, you will get white smudges on the clothing, which can be washed.

Update, January 24, 2019

DIY deodorant still a go!! Super happy!


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