Miminal Waste

I have made a list, a long list, of the items in our home. I kept track of the items we purchase on a regular basis (yearly) for our grocery+ needs. This list is a summery of time between November and present(December). I can easily look here to see what I can work on to eliminate any single use waste. Anything in orange are items still in unwanted packaging (to be switched).

Down East Dishsoap
Nature Clean oxygen bleach
Nature Clean powdered laundry detergent
Nature Clean powdered dish washer detergent
Wool dryer balls
10% Allen’s Vinegar
Paper products
Large Cashmere pack(24+)
Royale Tiger Towels and cotton rags
Single Tissue Boxes
Toothpicks, Touch brand
Bags and other plastic
Xlg garbage bags
Compost Bags
Xlg Blue Bags
Tin Foil
Steele Straw
Purel Refill Bottle
Disposable Blade only
Regular Toothbrush
Crest Complete, recyclable container
Bar soap(The Farmer’s Wife)
Shampoo Bar(The Farmer’s Wife)
Body Spray
Hair Gel in jar
Arrowroot and cocoa foundation, mascara, eye and brow liner
Gallio Olive Oil
Compliments Canola Oil
Mazola Vegetable Oil 2.8 litre
Compliments Vinegar 5%
Chicken/beef Gravy at Bulk Barn
Taco spice Packet
Chicken/beef Boullion at Bulk Barn.
Recyclable K-cups and Bulk Barn ground coffee
Tea at Bulk Barn
Hot Chocolate at Bulk Barn
Amber Honey at Bulk Barn
Chocolate bar types at Bulk Barn, Box board or tin foil wrapped
Compliments Ice Cream Cones
Candy at Bulk Barn or boxed
White Rice at Bulk Barn
Canned Soups
Catelli Spaghetti
Compliments Lasagna
Taco Shells
Bacon Bits at Bulk Barn
Croutons at Bulk Barn
Panko Bread Crumbs at Bulk Barn
Baking Soda at Bulk Barn
Salt at Bulk Barn
Club House Vanilla extract, 455 ml
Lots of spices at Bulk Barn
Sugar at Bulk Barn
Large Rolled Oats at Bulk Barn
Robbin Hood Flour
Brown Sugar at Bulk Barn
Powder Sugar at Bulk Barn
Cocoa at Bulk Barn
Baking Powder at Bulk Barn
Corn Starch at Bulk Barn
Coconut at Bulk Barn
Sprinkles at Bulk Barn
Decorating Icing at Bulk Barn or homemade
Shortening at Bulk Barn
Graham Cracker Crumbs at Bulk Barn
Breads and Breakfast
Peanut Butter at Bulk Barn and Kraft Peanut Butter
Homemade bread and Sub Buns
Sobey’s bakery single bagels and rolls
DIY Pancake Mix
Corn Flakes
Cheerios at Bulk Barn
Shreddies at Bulk Barn
Bran Flakes and Raisons at Bulk Barn (Raison brand).
Quaker Oatmeal
Pretzels at Bulk Barn
Mott’s Fruit Cups
Almonds at Bulk Barn
Cashews at Bulk Barn
Pistachios at Bulk Barn
Peanuts at Bulk Barn
Sunflower seeds at Bulk Barn
Dried fruit at Bulk Barn
Walnuts at Bulk Barn
Breton and soda Crackers
Grahm Crackers at Bulk Barn
Homemade cookies
Reusable Container for school juice
Bubble Gumball at Bulk Barn
Fruit and Vegetable
Prince Edward Island Potatoes
Single Yams
Single Onions
Single Garlic
Single Ginger
Single lettuce
Single Turnips
Single bunch of carrots with tops still on.
Berries in clam shell
Single apples
Single oranges.
Local Single Field Cucumbers
Fresh single string beans
Single broccoli/Caulifliwer with no wrapping
Single peppers
Whole Melons
Single kiwi
Single Bananas
ADL Coffee Cream
ADL Sour Cream
Scotsburn Cottage Cheese
Dairy Isle Cheese
Source, Yoplait Yogurt Tub
DIY Yogurt Drinks
Salad dressing
Jarred BBQ Sauce
Jam in Jars or DIY
Parmasan Cheese at Bulk Barn
Aunt Jamima Syrup and Sensations Real Maple Syrup
Eldo Paso Salsa
Miracle Whip
Parkay Margarine Squares
Boxed Canned Pop
Heinz Relish in jar
Mustard in jar
Heinz Ketchup in container
Active Dry Yeast at Bulk Barn
Instant Yeast at Bulk Barn
Heinz Worchestershire Sauce
VH Soya sauce
HP Sauce
Compliments Bacon
Deli Meat Packaged
Compliments Hotdog
Eggs in carton
Minute Maid canned Apple Juice
Five Alive Canned Juice
Fruitopia Canned Juice
Canned Iced Tea
Compliments Waffles
Packaged Meat
Cavendidh Farms French Fries
ADL or Scotsburn Ice Cream
Cold treats On Hold
Chocolate Chips at Bulk Barn
McCain Pizza Bites
Medicine cabinet
Presently looking for a better option in sunscreen.
Ombrelle Sunscreen, for Alaina
Off Bug Spray
Kids Tylenol
Adult Tylenol/Advil
Hall Stick
Pepto Bismal
Arts and Crafts
Want to DIY Bubbles
Large Chalk Pack
Crayola Paint, large size
Crayons and Pencil Crayons
Googly Eyes, Pipe Cleaners, Pom Poms On Hold
Stickers On Hold
Homemade Glue
Baby Supplies
Cloth Dispers and Reusable Liners
Arrowroot Powder at Bulk Barn
Coconut Oil at Bulk Barn
Reusable Wipes
Other Groceries
Duracell Batteries
Homemade Glue
Brita Filter Cartridge
Plain Gift Bags
Plain Wrapping Paper
Cat Treats in Container
Fancy Feast Hard cat food
Fancy Feast wet cat food, individual cans.
Arm and Hammer Cat litter, Largest Box
Tetramin Fish Food
Nutrafin Fish Tank Conditioner large size
Aqua-tech Fish Tank Filter

A lot of the items are going to be very hard to switch away from plastic packaging. For example, medicines. The best I can do is to try picking at least the recyclable packaging option, or if I can not find it in a recyclable package, then I must wait for the companies to get into gear and develope new ideas for more environmental friendly packaging and put them into place.

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