30 Minute Rolls

I made a pot of turkey soup for suppe, and load and behold, I had no bread to go with it.

I looked up quick rolls and grabbed this recipe to try out. Though, its more than 30 minutes by the time you mix and knead the dough!!

I shaped them in balls 3 different ways. Balled as I would to make buns, cut to size and placed, and then shaped by hand.

I left 1/2 cup flour out as it was really dry. Also, the recipe called for active dry yeast, but I think instant yeast would suit the short time frame better.

First time I made this type of roll. Will probably tweak this one or find a new one for next time. I would love to have rolls for most supper dishes! Everyone would!!! I like fast dishes, not all day ones!

They look okay, but the ones I shaped oil my buns look much better.

Nope. Not good. Not long enough in the oven but getting too brown on top. Flour tasting. But it will do for this meal.

This one looks great. I think you need time to make rolls. Will try soon!

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