Christmas Baking with the kids

This year I made the traditional Plum Pudding. My Nanny’s recipe she used for many many years. This year instead of using foil pans, which would be tossed after one use, I used my bread pans with a sheet of foil to seal the top. Minimal waste!! I buttered the pan, and the plum pudding slid out with ease!!! No sticking!!

This is a pic of before steaming. I will post a picture soon of the ready to eat stage!! Yum!

The kids helped make some sugar cookies. Everyone had their turn to roll and cut the dough to shapes they picked and sprinkle sugar to decorate before baking. It sure was nice to have that time individually!

1st up, Thomas.

2nd up, Jack.

3rd up, Julia.

4th up, Alaina.

5th up, Daniel.

Cookies sure turned out yummy!!

Next, because of little time available, I rolled and cut the ginger bread cookie dough to shape. Baked and iced them too. Though, the kids are not a fan of ginger bread cookies, I love them. The recipe is the best one I have had! Also, they were iced with icing from the Bulk Barn, no waste!!

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