School Ice Skate

Ice skating is one of the most fun activities with the kids. Though, I only go with the school, once a year. I am reminded this time, again, that this activity needs to be done more!

For me, skating is relaxing. Its calming. Free. And the 2 big kids can go on their own. So skating with them or around them is so much fun! Makes me feel good!  I am not a great skater myself. I can go fast and not  fall, but I dontmknow how to stop properly. I fear of falling flat on my face! Haha!! I was trying to figure it out myself, going slow, and I think I know what to do now. I got to show the kids what to do. Its great to encourage the kids and help them when needed.

Seeing them starting out clumsy, falling, and struggling to stay up and then see them on their own making their way and trying over and over to do better (and are doing better) is just awesome! What an experience!!

So far, Daniel has gone 5 times, Alaina has gone 3 and this was Julia’s first time! The four of us had a great day!!

Julia posing for her picture
Off she goes
Skating along the did not want to take my camera on the ice, just in case. Julia needed a lot of help since it was her first time.
Julia finally got one of these to help her stay up
There she goes!
Alaina. She did awesome!
Alaina on her way, and Daniel far back, in the middle, black jacket and white helmet.
Very proud of these two!! Daniel is very determined to get from one side of the rink to the other without falling, and he did!!
Amazing kiddos!!

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