Home Made Christmas Wrapping

This year for Christmas we decided we would take the extra step and avoid plastic waste as much as possible with wrapping gifts. Though, here in Summerside, PEI, plain wrapping paper is compostable. Even the tape is allowed to go into the compost.

I have been saving brown packing paper from shipments and gave them to the kids to colour and make our own wrapping paper. Cost=$0.00! To replace the tape, we used jute twine!

Firstly, lets take a step back.

The kids’ school hosts a Christmas Flea Market. Parents and students donate toys/book/decorations/jewelry/wrapping paper etc . . . These are bought by students for $1.00 each. Volunteers are set up to help students wrap the gifts and write tags. It’s a very wise move, reusing household items and giving them new homes. Affordable gifts for family. Everyone gets included.

This year, I wanted to avoid the gift wrapping and use what we had here at home. So I sent the children to school with two of my produce bags each. They knew to put the gifts in those instead of wrapping, and I left a note in their agendas for the teachers.

When the kids got home from school I was happy to see they used my bags for the most part. The gifts they picked added up and not everything fit in the bags. Some items did get wrapped (so other siblings could not see the gift). Some items were not wrapped but placed in their backpacks or were carried by hand.

Daniel says that some of his friends and volunteers asked why he had the bag instead of getting the gifts wrapped. He just said that his mom is doing less waste at home. His reply was dismissed with “okay”.  I don’t think many of them caught on to what we are doing. Our youngest did not use the cloth bag and had everything wrapped. I don’t blame her. She probably forgot the bags in the excitment! That’s okay!

Daniel and Alaina coloured some paper to their own liking. Julia did some too. I saved a sheet for Jack, as he is away to Grammies for a night. I coloured one too myself!

We cut the paper to size for the gifts as one would normally with regular wrapping paper. Instead of tape, together we held the paper in place and wrapped some jute around then tied it in place. Worked wonderfully!!! The kids liked it and so did Chris!!!



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