Christmas Tree

Chris got the tree!!! Smells soo good!!!!!
Decorating coming soon!
December 18th

The kids have no idea what they are waking up to in the morning!!

December 19th:
Jack was the first one up! His jaw was slightly dropped. He stomped to the tree and looked at it. Turned and looked at the positions of the moved furnature. And smiled! Daniel, Alaina and Julia were excited. Thomas was quiet and curious. He quickly warmed up to the tree!!

December 20th:
Decorating time. This can be a chaotic time, everyone we decorating at the same time. Chris took charge and we had a quiet fun evening taking turns one or two at a time, picking an ornament and hanging it on the tree. So well behaved and quiet. Fun and smiles the whole time!!


A few short days later, Julia decided to play hide and seek. And guess what!? She hid behind the tree, accidentally knocking it down. Ooops!! This would be Julia’s second time knocking the Christmas tree down. The first time happened when I was pregnant with Jack. She would have been just under 2 years old. What funny memories!!

Pictures around Christmas time.

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