Nature Clean Laundry Powder

We have been using Tide Cold Water liquid laundry detergent for always!

I want to switch to a environmentally friendly detergent chemical wise. Looking at my options at the natural aisle at the store, I found Down East (made in Nova Scotia) and Nature Clean (made in Ontario).

First I went with Down East liquid laundry detergent. I was very cautious and worried about switching as I really did not want to ruin our clothes or cause a skin reaction with the household. I wonder why I thought switching detergents would do that, but that is what was on my mind.

So Down East detergent worked very well! I was pleased with it! Though, of course, the cloth diapers still had a bit of “barn smell”, so of course, bleach would be used now and then. (I made a switch to that too). So basically same cleaning power as Tide.

This past weekend I switched to Nature Clean laundry powder, in a box! Yay! Oh my! The clothes come out smelling like a breath if fresh air! Amazing! Even the inserts for the cloth diapers feel cleaner and smell fresh! Hey, if the cloth diapers are coming out clean, so is everything else!!

I just make sure to run the washer with the detergent for a minute before adding clothes. Gets good and sudsy!

And I only use cold water!

As for the bleach, I wanted a less chemical approach. Powdered formula too. There is Oxiclean, but in a plastic container. So I switched to Nature Clean Oxygen bleach. It works great too. No strong chemicals anymore!!

On the Environmental Working Group these products are listed:

Tide cold Water liquid detergent is rated an F.

Nature Clean laundry powder is rated an A.

Clorox regular bleach is rated an an F.

Nature Clean Oxygen bleach is rated an A.

Oxiclean is rated a B.

I also switch our dish soap. We used Original Dawn. I now use Down East. My hands were so dry and cracking. I always blamed the cool weather, but after I started using Down East, my hands are so much better!! No more dry feeling and reddness! 100% happy, and knowing that it is chemical free!

Dawn dish Soap is rated a C-D

Down East is not yet in the database.

Seriously! Switch your cleaners!!!! My home is almost chemical free (cleaners)! Finishing off a aerosol air freshener (in the basement area), and 2.5 jugs of Finish dishwasher detergent. I know there are some smelly candles to finish/dispose of. We don’t burn much of those any ways. Only if the power goes out.

So, yay! Another detergent plastic bottle out the door!


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  1. Good for you! I have been lobbying the owner of Down East to get rid of the plastic bottles and pack his products in cardboard. He seems very interested and just needs a little more support from people like you. Please consider giving him a call. They have an excellent oxygen bleach powder but it is packed in rigid plastic.
    Personally, I no longer buy liquid products because I cannot Justified the rigid plastic container which will be around for another thousand years or longer.

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