Nature Clean Dishwasher Powder

Not only am I trying to go zero waste at home, but also chemical free.

We use Finish dishwasher liquid detergent. Probably one  1.6L jug every 7-8 days.

For the last month or more, I have been washing dishes by hand, to avoid using the detergent as much as possible. The more detergent used means more plastic used.

Luckily, someone reminded me to search for powdered detergents in box board. Totally right!! Sometimes we just need a little nudge!

With powdered detergent in my mind, I was also thinking about a plant based product, no harmful chemicals.

In the Natural Aisle at the store, I found Down East (made in Nova Scotia.) and Nature Clean (made in Ontario). I chose Nature clean as it was the only one in a powder form and a box. I have been looking up products in the Environmental Working Group, EWG. Products are rated from A to F, A being the best. It lists the ingredients and each if their own rating.

Finish is rated a D. But if you look closer, at the ingredient list ratings, the top one is an F. Sulfuric Acid.

Nature Clean dishwasher powder is not listed, but the dishwasher pods are listed as an A. I trust Nature Clean dishwasher powder is very much alike.

If you are wondering  about your products, just type them into the search and find out. Protect yourself, family and the environment!

Use what you got if you can, and switch the next time you need to pick up a new cleaner. I got 2.5 jugs of finish to use. Nature Clean is leaving my dishes clean and not foggy! Also, there is no strong smell!! No chemicals to breath in! Win win!


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