Harvey Wallbangers

Last night Chris took a trip to the liqure store. Not for beers but liqure. He could not remember the last time he bought that!

We are 10 years married, November 15th, 2008, and have not been able to share the experience together of having a few drinks! Except that one time on our 1st anniversary!

Reason being, firstly, we were set up by our moms! Not in a bar or party. Our moms. Sweet! We moved in together here in Summerside and shortly after our first pregnancy happened and engagement! What a happy time! Would not change a thing! Nothing!

So that being said, I was not drinking while pregnant. I was not drinking while breastfeeding either. That only lasted about 6 months and formula was used. So our first anninversary we went out together in Charlottetown at Baba’s bar. This was the last time I drank with Chris!

Sometime after, pregnancy #2! Breastfeeding for a year. Pregnancy #3, #4, and #5 and breastfeeding each child, each with a 2-3 month window of not pregnant or breastfeeding in between. Not much time for any fun!

So here we are, year 10. I’m not pregnant. I’m not nursing. I got some freedom! We were low on grocery items and did not have the ingredients to make my favourite drink, Bahama Mamas. We thought about my dad and a memorable drink he makes. Harvey Wallbangers!

We each had 4 drinks! 8 shots of liqure each. Within an hour or two. I don’t really remember. Oh what fun!! We talked and talked and laughed and laughed! Oh the social we were missing all these years! I was pretty tipsy! But not overly, well kind of. Hahaha.

Oh yes! I have to mention this! I was laughing so much, I pulled a muscle (or ligament) in my neck! Right beside my throat! Hahaha!!! It hurt to swallow and talk. But it was so funny!

Thank you Chris for giving me a great night! Xoxo

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