Crayon In The Laundry!

Today I had a mountain of laundry to do! I could not get it done over the weekend and today was the next possible time to do it. No stress! Really!

On my way upstairs to get dressed for the day, Thomas politely gave me a piece of crayon he found on the floor. It was small! Like a centimeter long. Purple. I put it in my house coat to deal with later.

I got upstairs, got dressed and gathered the mountains of laundry from the bedrooms and put my house coat on top of the pile. Yup. You know what happened next!

I sorted the colors from darks and lights and browns. Put the lights in the wash first. Of course, my house coat is light grey. First load finished, I put it in the dryer with the clean diaper stash so together it would be a large load to dry, not 2 small loads.

The dryer finished and I gathered the laundry out of it. To my surprise on the table while I was folding . . . The color purple was showing up! And I immediately knew what happened! About 7 articles of clothing were smudged in melted crayon.

Since there was so little crayon, it spread thinly, not crumbly. This happened a couple years ago with an orange crayon that was in a basket of clothes. Funny, one of Alaina’s tops was a victim of both incidents. The diaper liners and shells were effected. My house coat and tie too. 2 of Jack’s t-shirts, a tiny spot on Chris’s pj pants, and two of Alaina’s tops.

One of those tops really had feeling disapointed!! It was bad!!! I will get to it after!

I googled ways to clean them, and found a page. Though I was not going to use hot water in the washing machine, I decided to try scrubbing by hand with Dawn dish soap and hot water with a rag/toothbrush.

My house coat was coming clean in no time!! I could not believe it!! Worked so well!!

Next came the easy clothing, 3 of the tops and pj pants. No problem!! If I found the spots were still lightly coloured purple, I added some vinegar to the clothing, and it came right out! I still can not believe how easy it was.

Next came the special shirt of Alaina’s. Grammie brought it back with her from Chris’s sister Catherine from Milwaukee. Alaina wears it all the time. Chris and the kids were just face timing Catherine yesterday. They have not done that in a long time and everybody had a great day! So nice to chat with family not often seen! Alaina of course was wearing the shirt and Aunty Catherine got to see that. Alaina loved to show her!

So, getting back to the mess. Here is the picture.

The pictures don’t do justice! It’s so bad! I think I spent 30 minutes or more on this top rubbing in lots of TLC! I kept thinking that “this is not going to work! The shirt is supposed to be white. Its going to turn out pink”.

Here is the end result!

Flawless! I was surprised and so happy!!

I can’t wait to show Alaina when she gets home!!

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