Pantry Cleanout and Organize

My pantry was a complete mess with containers, boxes and cloth bags. Many other items in there that were no longer used or needed.

The top self was loaded up with 2 pots that I have not used for years. I gave them to our niece. 5 water bottles are there from a water park the kids collected over the years with school trips. Those are handy on summer adventures to stay hydrated. We have a small and large riasting pans as well as a large platter.

The middle shelf will hold our canned juice and empty containers for both at home and school. Also pasta and related foods.

Mainly the Bulk Barn items are here. Baking supplies and rice.

Our oils, flour and basically baking decorations. I really want an icing decorating tool. I had one such was partially made of plastic and broke on my first or second use. Could not find a part to replace it. That will need some time to figure out what is best to get. Not plastic, that’s for sure.

My pots hang here and a strainer. Steel bowls. Some plastic ones I bought before going plastic free. Also the family size grill. I love it, but this is my 3rd one in 10 years or less. They seem to not last long. I will not be wanting them again. Too must waste. Frying pan or oven baking will due. Nothing wrong with that! Gravy boat and bread pans along with some spare containers.

A couple more pots, and yes, all of these pots do get used. Frying pans. I keep my potatoes in here too, cool pantry when its not summer!

large stock pot on the floor. Great for boiling corn on the cob. Cant wait to use it for more homemade foods like salsa! It also holds the right amount of water I need for cooking spaghetti. Love It. Aprons hang on the door, but rarely get used. I really don’t mind getting dirty, but they may help me keep my clothes cleaner before laundering is needed. Another habit to form.

Everything in its place.

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