Organize Cupboards

My cupboards have been moved again. Removing the coffee maker from its position cleared space in the cupboards. I also removed some old dishes that do not get used. Less is more!

This shelf has a bunch of Bulk Barn items. Nuts, seeds, pretzels, popcorn and honey. Crackers.

Our junk shelves. Some items from Halloween, but the candy and chocolates came wrapped free from Bulk Barn. I refill the gum ball machine from Bulk Barn too. Graham crackers and homemade granola bars. Fruit cups and cat treats. Chips take the top shelf and Party mix from Bulk Barn. I find lately we all are eating less chips. Yay!

Spices and herbs.

Salt and pepper, gravy and Tums to keep out if reach of little hands. Vanilla and a small container holding vinegar for small amounts needed in recipes. Baking soda and my recipe box.

Kids cups and plates. A few more years before these go. They are recyclable! Should be good to use past our home though! Small plates and bowls.

Glasses and storage on the left.

More storage and convenient bowls with covers. All get used!

Large plates and coffee mugs. Believe it or not, but I removed a bunch. The top shelf is my least favourite place. More mugs that seem sentimental. Some metal water bottles and plastic bowls for ice cream for kids. This is truly just a junk spot holding onto things that may not get used. Probably needs another go over in the future.

Some areas still need work by the sounds of my descriptions. Its good to make oneself feedback to see the bigger picture.

I just realized I did the top cupboards. I did not do the bottom ones. Another day.

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