Kitchen Counterspace

Today I decided to make a change with my counterspace. Its messy, and I found it dis-functional in ways as cluttered. I did not take before pictures. Silly me.

I have had my basket set up with measuring equipment, salt and pepper shakers, olive oil and pot holders. I love it so much! Everything I need in one place close to the stove. My oven mits are tucked behind the basket.

In the corner sit our wood cutting boards. I took away our beat up plastic one and I am reserving it for crafts. This basket holds large cooking utensils. I am looking forward to having them replaced with wooden/metal ones. Begon plastic when they wear out. The knife block sits in the best position here (instead of under the cupboards by the wall) as the cupboards are too low to comfortably/safely remove a knife. Dawn dish soap and bar soap is all I have for cleaning here. If I want to disinfect, I will use vinegar. Dishes are mostly washed and dried by hand. The dishwasher is used on busy days with Finish detergent. A bowl is set to hold coffee pods that are waiting to be cleaned and recycled. Also anything that needs a rinse before getting sorted for disposal.

This is where I set up the coffee and kettle station. Everything is in convenient position and next to the fridge for easy access of coffee cream and milk.

I moved the bread box by the toaster and condiments. Bread knife is located inside and a small wooden cutting board is located next to it. The “Becel” tub holds the peanut butter I get from Bulk Barn. I still buy Kraft peanut butter, as one of our children does not like the other kind. Hoping that will change soon.


The drawer is set up for rags, dish cloths and drying towels.


My husband is going to be so confused! Another change! Big one this time! I think I re-arranged my cupboards about half a dozen times.

I was able to clear out a box worth of cups/mugs that are not in use. That gave me space to better organize the cupboards. Yay!


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