First Trip To Bulk Barn With Cloth Bags

Yesterday I learned how to operate a sewing machine! My neighbor allowed me to borrow it as well! Between last night and today I made 18 sacks! I did not make drawstrings yet. That will come later!

I loaded up one bag with my cloth ones, and found it really light!! No clanging of tubs and jars. Not 2 or 3 bags. Just one light one!

Got to Bulk Barn and the cashier weighed by cloth bag. I marked on the bottom the weight (0.020) in kg with permanent marker. My bags are now set to be used over and over and I don’t have to weigh them again unless I add something on the bag. (Drawstring).

It was super easy to fill my bags with product. Because I did not have a drawstring to shut the bag, I simply just twisted the top end a little and made sure the bag sat upright in the cart. They didn’t move much anyways so no problem at all!

Because my bags were not labeled like my containers with the product name and number, it was tricky for the cashier to know what was in the bags. I will be assigning each bag to a product soon. I want to be as efficient as possible and make it easy for everyone! I can take the bags I need for products and I will have some blank ones as well for surprise products I buy. It’s a good idea to have a couple spares.

When I got home, I unloaded my light weighted 2 bags of products. (Yes I divided my purchases in a couple bags). 

Chocolate chips, party mix, Cheerios, shreddies graham crackers, pretzels, almonds, pistachios, salt, rolled oats, beef bullion, chicken gravy, ground coffee and peanut butter.

There was a lot more mess than I thought there would be. The bags were fine, they did not leak or anything. But dumping them into my cupboard containers/jars prooved a little tricky. Mostly products such as beef bullion and gravy. The ground coffee too. I am sure with practice and time I will learn how to do it cleaner. Also, I need to re-learn how much product to take as I took too many nuts and pretzels. Its all a learning curve!

After the bag was emptied, over the sink I pulled it inside-out and shook off any leftover particles. They are now sitting in the laundry room waiting for a wash.

Overall, I loved the cloth bags! A definite switch up from using containers!! Good bye to my yogurt containers. They served me well!

This many and more! One trip I had 27 containers! Hard to fit that in the cart let alone having to weigh them first!!


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