My 1 Blue Bag of Recyclables

This is a look at one of the two blue bags collection per month.

If I cut out the yogurt items, the whole left side would be eliminated!
    • I had to go looking for covers the other day to reuse some juice jugs for storing canned juice in, and was baffled by the amount of some items. I decided to take a good look and see what I can cut back further. Sometimes we need a different perspective!
Replacing the Tide jugs with the largest size would eliminate 4 containers for sure.
    • Most of these items are phasing out or switching to larger portions.
  • Cat food cans are switching to a different brand and a larger size. Cheaper too!
  • Finish dishwasher detergents used a couple times a week. I hand wash otherwise.
  • The Liquid Tide will be switched over to the largest container.

Yogurt drinks! I count 65. So in a month that is more like 130 single use plastic! I remove wrappers and covers, which go in waste. Also, we go through about 3 yogurt containers per week (I am using them for Bulk Barn shopping at the moment). That would add up 12-15 per month. This will be the next project, to make my own. But I got 5 little ones who are hard to please, taste wise.

My berry clam shells just got donated to a family. Their little girl is making bracelets with the plastic. So I guess that us where my shells are going for now. Though, I want to avoid the shells completely at the store if possible! Need the courage I guess to just stop.

Once make that change, I will set up another display to see where I’m at! Perspective!

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