Bathroom Replacements

This bar soap, made in Nova Scotia is the one I have been searching for!  I’m not sure about its purity at the moment, but my hands are not cracking this cool damp weather and my face does not feel so dry! I have been using this soap for 6 days and it is the best one of all I tried a neck tried 4 others that were plastic wrap free. 5th one is a charm. I’m pretty sure its the shea butter that helps, I found it always does and the other 4 kinds I tried did not have shea butter. I will be buying more of this brand for other places in the home (Bathrooms and kitchen) once the liquid soap dispencers are gone. Soon!

I started out using virgin coconut oil I got from the Bulk Barn, on one of my hands to see if it would help my skin heal from the cool damp weather. The soap above is helping lots so it is hard to tell which hand was treated and not treated, but I have to say the first two days I was using the oil, I did see a difference. This was 4 days ago. My treated hand was not so red looking. I will continue using this product for hand lotion.

Also, doing some reading and research, coconut oil us good for many things! I’m going to use it on the kids as they get eczema this time of year too. I will use it for bum irritations on baby. This could potentially wipe out the containers for lotion, Vaseline and bum creams. Apparently it is great for shaving too. But I will leave that up to my husband to decide. I don’t force it.

More to come.

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