Where my Inspiration Came From

Looking back, this is the article that started it all for me. Waste Watch Management giving thanks. I loved seeing how far we have come, and that there was room for improvement. I like a challenge, and I believe this was my trigger. Also, seeing articles about the plastic pollution and marine life threatened, was an eye opener too.

My husband created my website for me, and showed me how to use it and some markup. I am new at blogging, only been since July. My husband is such a great supporter in what I am doing. He helps me see the other side of the coin, and problem solve issues I have. He has been very supportive with the house hold changes. Some things are harder to change than others, but we support each other all the way. I am so thankful to have him by my side!




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  1. I’m not clear on “canned” juice. Do you mean metal cans?

    Actually I wondered about the juice in both the plastic and cardboard boxes. Does frozen juice work for your family? I’m not a big believer in juice because of the high sugar content but if you must I’m still curious what you think works out best.


    1. Hey Cheryl.

      Yes, I was talking about metal cans.

      We rarely do frozen juice, maybe in the summer for pink lemonade, but like I said, rare.

      We have actually cut back quite a bit since I stated so. Everybody is allowed 1 glass (1/2 basically) of juice a day. So my 3 big kids take some for school (they also have water bottles). The other 2 littles (we call them) have not even asked for juice, this will be day 4. The oldest of the two, Jack who is 4, just asks for water or milk. I tested him today and offered him to have a bit if juice, and he said no! I praised him!

      We have water at meal times. No complaints! The big kids are understanding and I am very pleased!

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