Cloth Bags For Bulk Barn

I got approval from Bulk Barn to use cloth bags! Yahoo!!

They need to be weighed once, permanently marked with it’s weight, then I dont have to pre weigh again until the marking wears  away.

This will give me a lot more flexibility with not having to carry containers and reweighing all the time. I am up to 3 full bags of containers. Its hard to fit that bulkyness in the cart, let alone dig through the bags looking for my Almond container  with all the others in the way. My “collection” is growing too!  25 containers this time round. They will be simple to clean, just throw in the washing machine! Much easier than hand washing 20+ containers and lids! Top off my towel loads.

Oh! If using containers to get cornstarch, make sure the container has a wide opening! Or ask so a tiny scooper. What a mess I made yesterday!!! I gave up collecting that product yesterday after 3 tries! Looked like a powder bomb went off! They say it happens all the time when they reload the bin. Same goes with a lot of products, bring a wide open container or bag! Old Del Paso salsa jars are not a good choice!

Next project is too make cloth bags with drawstrings.

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