DIY Tomato Paste.

I found another recipe to try. Honeyed Tomato Paste, from The Zero-Waste Chef.

I made a half recipe (or tried).

I weighed 4 lbs of tomatoes, sliced an X and blanched them for 30 seconds. Peeled the skin and removed the seeds.

Put the cleaned tomatoes in a pot with olive oil and cooked on medium heat for 40 minutes. I added the tomatoes juice from the peelings and seeds. Of course, Jack wanted to watch and help if he could!

Once they cooked down, I put them through my food processor. Looked very much like tomato sauce at this point!

Here is where I went wrong. Instead of adding half of the ingredients, I added the full amounts. Salt, honey and bay leaves. I did not realize it until it was simmering for 45 minutes.

After it was done simmering, I put the sauce in a shallow pan. Set the timer for 3 hours and stirred every 20 minutes. This picture is 90 minutes in.

Done baking! Yahoo! Looks good!

My batch made .75 cup of tomato paste.

Had I put in the half amount of salt, honey and bay leaf, this would have been absolutely yummy!!! Even with the extra honey and bay leaf. BUT the extra salt ruined it! I can taste the flavour besides the salt and it is delicious! Too bad!

Maybe I can make a new batch and not add any of those ingredients, then mix that one and this one together?

Today was so worth it, I will be making more! Now, I need to find tomatoes locally!

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  1. It’s probably just fine to use the way it is. If you’re only using a couple of spoonfuls in a pasta sauce or something, it probably won’t taste overly salty like it does eating it straight from the jar. Just don’t add any additional salt to your recipe until you’ve added the paste and tasted.

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