Mending a Broken Slipper

Thomas brought me his slippers yesterday and the side and back were blown out! Poor fellow did not know what to think of it and loves these slippers! They are in great condition besides this blow out considering his older brother Jack wore them all last year.

I immediately thought that I could not throw them away. At a different time I probably would have!  How I have changed!

I looked At the stitching to see now it was put together in the first place. I am very new at sewing let alone repairs! I seen what I needed to be done and so this day I tackled it.

I noticed the “knobs” of thread, and the old thread was actually pulled through those. I tied my thread to the end of the old one and secured it.

I stitched all around to the other side and secured my thread to the broken one. Pulled tight and finished.

Not perfect but fixed for more wear!!! I am proud of what I accomplished!


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