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  1. Rachel, I wanted to share my solution to opening the bag to see the contents from bulk purchases. I use a small piece of plastic from a previous purchase, cut into a square, then sewn into the bag (perhaps use a lid from sour cream or such container). Use a sharpie to write the bin # on it, then simply wipe off at home. Your empty bag can be weighed with the small piece incorporated into it. An alternate to sewing the plastic in place is to punch a hole on a piece cut out, and secure into the tie. I use scraps of fabric for my ties (sewn in) or the odd lace I may salvage from a gift bag I’ve received or whatever other opportunity I have to reuse something. I find most markers do wipe off–I label containers that go into my freezer by writing on the container and with a bit of ‘elbow grease’ the ink is removable. I’m very impressed with your efforts–wish more people were like you!

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