Cloth wipes

So over the past week I collected a blue bag of old and too small clothes from the kids rooms and the attic for donation. After someone mentioned I should make cloth wipes in an earlier post of mine, I thought they were completely right! I did think about doing that at some point. 

Today I decided I would go through that blue bag and pull out the old ragged cotton clothes. I pulled these ones out, but put some back as I felt they would still be good for some child to wear! I felt too guilty to cut up good clothing.

Small stash for now. I will add to this pile in the future with more ragged clothes. The spray bottle contains 1 Tbsp soap, 1 Tbsp lotion, and 1 cup water. My plan for now and probably indefinitely is to use these for quick diaper cleanups and the homemade wipes for tougher messes. I am still fairly new at this point with cloth diapers.


I was not quite happy with the perfirmance of the old clothing wipes I made. Too flimsy. I found an old sheet and was able to cut 80 strips for reusable wipes.
So much better! Also, I decided to just use these for all cleanups with cloth diapers. I have to rince/wash out the reusable liners anyways. Also, I will be adding these to the wipe box in the kitchen for hand and face cleanups with the kids.

Much less paper towel needed and money savings!

Update February 8th, 2019.

I started using coconut oil, from Bulk Barn as the lotion way back in November or December. Worked really well. I would add about 2 Tbsp coconut oil + 1 Tbsp liquid soap to 1.5 cups hot water. Of course, melt the oil first.

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