Paper Towel Homemade Wipes

I’ve been using these homemade wipes for 3 years now, much better than the disposable ones! All you need is select-a-size paper towel, soap, lotion and water! A new batch needs to be made every 2-3 days to stay fresh. I usually make 2 bins worth at a time. One for diaper changes and one for hand and face cleanups after meals, snacks or other messy times.

These are the containers I use.
Perfect size for select-a-size paper towel.
3 rolls will fill the containers up.
Separate them. This takes me 5 or 6 minutes. Not long.
Roughly divide them into the containers.
1 full container will need 3 Tbsp of lotion.
3 Tbsp of soap.
Mix those together well, otherwise you will have clumpy lotion when the water is added.
Add 3 cups of hot water and mix.
Pour mixture over paper towels .
Cover and let sit for a little while so the mixture can soak through and cool down.

There it is! Homemade wipes in as little as 5 minutes!

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    1. Actually yes! I am in process of switching to cloth diapers, and I realized that I can definitively use a cloth for cleanups! I will be doing that in the near future!! I think I will use the same mixture to have ready to go cloth wipes. Or maybe a spray to wet the cloth as I clean baby’s bum!

      Store trip tonight or tomorrow!

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