I Tried

So this past weekend I was on my shopping routine. First stop was Bulk Barn. I got all my supplies no problem. At the cashier counter, I noticed some honey packets and figured they were samples, I said to myself, no, don’t need that. After I paid my bill, the cashier worker handed me a handful of these packets! I looked at them and back at the lady. I shook my head and said no thank you. I was asked if I liked honey. I said yes, but I don’t want the waste. No problem, the cashier understood and I was on my way out. I felt good!

You may be wondering why I have one of those packets in my pocession. . .

Next stop was the grocery store. I got my things. Paid and loaded up the van. When I am out late shopping, like around 10:00pm I always take the cart back into the store as I know the workers who bring in the carts are gone home. It’s a nice gesture too I think. On my way back to my vehicle, I noticed something on the ground, walked past it a couple steps, then stopped. I thought, I should pick that up. Load and behold, it was one of those sample packets!!

I was not very impressed and it goes to show what other waste is out there and accidental drops or carelessness littering.

Baking Day.

Thank you Chris for fixing my Kitchen Aid mixer! The dough is so soft compared to by hand the last month!! Xoxo
Also making granola bars and going to try granola. That should be pretty easy!!
Laundry is going, Jack is crafting and Thomas is chowing down on an apple. Boy he loves them!

Want to try another chickpea recipe at some point. And cookies! Another day maybe.

Canned Juice

For the last few weeks I have been trying hard to find juices that are 100% recyclable. Many juices have caps that are waste.

I have experimented with many kinds. We used to by Tropicana orange juice in cartons. Fruitopia cartons. Graves or Rougemont or Compliments apple juices in plastic bottles. Five Alive citrus carton. All those jugs are recyclable but the caps are all waste.

I switch to other brands looking for the recyclable caps, but also keeping the price not too high. I’m not paying nearly $6.00 for a brand that gives the same nutrients as a $4.00 brand for example. I keep a look out at the unit price, and try to stay around the $.20-$.26 per 100 ml.

I have tried Minute Maid brands, caps are waste. Ocean Spray brands, caps are waste.

What has worked out are Oasis Brands. Both container and cap are recyclable! There are no seals to pull off either! Oasis has a few flavours such as Orange juice, watermelon and strawberry, Fruit Hydra and a lemon flavour. There is also cranberry and a mixed berry flavour too on the aisle shelf. Allen’s apple juice. Both the container and cap are recyclable. Even the ring that comes off the cap is recyclable (according to waste watch management, as long as the cap is recyclable)

The last couple days I was thinking about cans. Cans are easier to recycle compared to plastic. They can be reused over and over. I asked my husband his thoughts, and he said he grew up with cans. Not plastic bottles. The next trip to the grocery store was going to Change!

I looked at what was offered in cans for juices. I want to buy real fruit juice as well. Minute Maid has apple and orange juice cans. So does Dole. The price range is $.15-$.17 per 100 ml. Much cheaper than what I was paying for! And no plastic involved on my part! Box and cans. That’s it!

At meal or snack times I can simply split one can for two kids! Even 1 can for The 3 littles. (There are 5 children). Train of thought right now, but I could even open several cans and dump them in a pitcher. Take what you need (more or less of a can). I am liking this change already and I have not opened a can yet. Need to drink what we have already. 
I need to check out another grocery store to see what they sell for canned juices. I would like to have more options for sure. I know Five Alive sells cans. I am not sure what else is out there as they were never on my radar!

Bathroom Replacements

This bar soap, made in Nova Scotia is the one I have been searching for!  I’m not sure about its purity at the moment, but my hands are not cracking this cool damp weather and my face does not feel so dry! I have been using this soap for 6 days and it is the best one of all I tried a neck tried 4 others that were plastic wrap free. 5th one is a charm. I’m pretty sure its the shea butter that helps, I found it always does and the other 4 kinds I tried did not have shea butter. I will be buying more of this brand for other places in the home (Bathrooms and kitchen) once the liquid soap dispencers are gone. Soon!

I started out using virgin coconut oil I got from the Bulk Barn, on one of my hands to see if it would help my skin heal from the cool damp weather. The soap above is helping lots so it is hard to tell which hand was treated and not treated, but I have to say the first two days I was using the oil, I did see a difference. This was 4 days ago. My treated hand was not so red looking. I will continue using this product for hand lotion.

Also, doing some reading and research, coconut oil us good for many things! I’m going to use it on the kids as they get eczema this time of year too. I will use it for bum irritations on baby. This could potentially wipe out the containers for lotion, Vaseline and bum creams. Apparently it is great for shaving too. But I will leave that up to my husband to decide. I don’t force it.

More to come.

Where my Inspiration Came From

Looking back, this is the article that started it all for me. Waste Watch Management giving thanks. I loved seeing how far we have come, and that there was room for improvement. I like a challenge, and I believe this was my trigger. Also, seeing articles about the plastic pollution and marine life threatened, was an eye opener too.

My husband created my website for me, and showed me how to use it and some markup. I am new at blogging, only been since July. My husband is such a great supporter in what I am doing. He helps me see the other side of the coin, and problem solve issues I have. He has been very supportive with the house hold changes. Some things are harder to change than others, but we support each other all the way. I am so thankful to have him by my side!




Cloth Bags For Bulk Barn

I got approval from Bulk Barn to use cloth bags! Yahoo!!

They need to be weighed once, permanently marked with it’s weight, then I dont have to pre weigh again until the marking wears  away.

This will give me a lot more flexibility with not having to carry containers and reweighing all the time. I am up to 3 full bags of containers. Its hard to fit that bulkyness in the cart, let alone dig through the bags looking for my Almond container  with all the others in the way. My “collection” is growing too!  25 containers this time round. They will be simple to clean, just throw in the washing machine! Much easier than hand washing 20+ containers and lids! Top off my towel loads.

Oh! If using containers to get cornstarch, make sure the container has a wide opening! Or ask so a tiny scooper. What a mess I made yesterday!!! I gave up collecting that product yesterday after 3 tries! Looked like a powder bomb went off! They say it happens all the time when they reload the bin. Same goes with a lot of products, bring a wide open container or bag! Old Del Paso salsa jars are not a good choice!

Next project is too make cloth bags with drawstrings.