Making the Switch To Cloth Diapers!

So this just happened!

About 1 year ago or 2, I thought about switching to cloth diapers, but never really did venture down that road. I asked some family about it, but I just did not get the feeling that it was something I wanted to get into. At the time we had 2 in diapers and I think our middle child just got out of them. I don’t remember correctly as I am pretty sure, that is something parents want to forget!!! Hahaha!! Just joking. Mommy brain!

The last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of talk about single used plastics and cutting back, finding better ways and alternatives. Diaper waste has always been on my mind, but more so now. Just enough to make me feel ready to make a change. We are only going to be using diapers for about one more year.

I am part of a mom supporting other moms group and I blankly asked for information about everything on cloth diapers! First response was check out YouTube. But I really wanted to talk and ask questions first. Then along came some great advice! I was so happy!!

Next came finding some used ones (I did not want to buy new, reuse, reduce, less cost too). I did find some, 13 for $65.00, with 10 extra inserts. Next I did check out some YouTube videos and found some good ones. Here are my favourites from We Are The Strange.

How to wash

How to Bleach Update: I don’t use bleach anymore, its bad stuff!!! I switched to liquid Oxygen Bleach, by Nature Clean. Works great!!

How to stuff pocket diapers





Washed, stuffed and ready to go!

First one put on. Not too bad! Thomas did not really notice a difference that I could tell. Super happy!







Guess how long this one lasted. 20 minutes. Guess how dirty it was. Yup, #2. Jump in the deep end! No easing into new routine! Hahaha! I was not really prepared. Ha! Ended up tossing my supposed reusable liner.

I think I will make some reusable wipes for pee cleanups, since I have to wash all the diaper pieces too. Keep using my homemade wipes for messy times.

Oh what fun!

I have to mention my husband. When I first brought up the talk for cloth diapers, he immediately said NO. Then after 10 minutes he said if that is what I want to do, its okay. But did not want to spend the money. So still kinda of a no. Then another 10 minutes he asks about the cost and says yes. But he is not dealing with those diapers! Haha!! I don’t mind one bit, I do most of the changes anyways. He helps with a lot of other things too, so I let him off the hook. I’m a very passive person.

I will be keeping a “daddy stash” of disposables for him and even for Grammie Jean, who helps with babysitting occasionally.

I am super happy and looking forward to the next few days in working out the kinks!

Update, Sept 29, 2018.

By the end of the first day of using cloth diapers, my boys bum was turning red. Yup. . .  So I immediately asked the moms group for information and it turns out my makeshift liners were not going to do. They don’t wisk away moisture. I was told to use store bought liners or fleece.

I got a secret that I did not share yesterday! The lady I bought the cloth diapers from was offering the rest of her roll of liners. When she showed me a picture of them, I thought it was a roll of plastic liners for a garbage pail. I even said I don’t want them as I am cutting out waste at home. I asked if I could go without them and was told yes. Haha! Oh what did I get into eh!

I took care of Thomas’s bottom and put back on a disposable (Chris’s idea and a good one) and after he went to bed I went out shopping.  First stop was Wal-Mart. I looked and looked and could not find any! I asked an employee, and she found out they don’t carry them. I was surprised! Really! I took a look at the fleece blankets but they are all made of polyester. I did not think that was right for my babies bottom. I walked out empty handed. Took a trip next door to Superstore, only to find none there either. On the way back home I stopped into Sobey’s hoping they might have some. Guess what! They did not.

It was well after 10:00pm when I got home disappointed. Next day, the 29th, I messaged the group and the lady I got the diapers from saying I made a huge mistake and I need liners. Apparently I have to go to Toys R Us or buy them online and a wool substitute for reusable liners, microfleece is best. Eesh! The lady said I can go pick up the liners I refused Sunday.

I took this whole cloth diaper journey way too fast. Not enough communication or research. Thomas bottom is fine by the way. Switching back to disposables and cream for overnight fixed him right up 100%. My husband says too much Hare, not enough Tortoise!

Our journey will begin again sometime tomorrow. I will add an update later to say how we are getting along.

Update, September 30, 2018

Turns out I am not getting those liners from the lady, she is not available. . . ? So I will be ordering them online, delaying the cloth diaper use.

Why do local stores not carry liners??

Update, October 6, 2018

Got a confirmation yesterday about buying a polyester fleece blanket! Yes! Thank you!

Fleece blanket is in the washer! I figured there was more work to it as the blanket gets cut, I thought the edges would need to be sewed! Not the case! 

Hopefully this afternoon I will be ready to jump back into the cloth diapers!

Blanket is washed and dried. I cut it up into strips for liners but it is falling apart around the cut edges! Messy! Putting them in the dryer to see if those loose pieces will come off that way. I thought that would happen. I hope they dont come undone all together!

Alright. Dryer worked. Much less fuzzy! Round #2! Ready, set, go!

Update October 7, 2018

Had a great evening and night. Liners are working great!!

Though today there has been a couple leaks. I guess I need to change him more often.

I found a fleece blanket that doesn’t really get used. Much better than the one I bought. Cleaned it up and it is ready for use now!

Update October 9, 2018.

Cloth diapering is super easy! Super happy with the new liners. Thomas has no rashes! I’ve gotten just as fast changing a cloth diaper as I could a disposable one.

Today I made some cloth wipes, mainly for the quick cleanups not the messy ones. I am not that brave, yet.

Update October 12, 2018.

Well, I got more brave. I made better reusable wipes from a sheet, more sturdy, and decided to use them for all cleanups. No more paper towel. No more stinky garbage = less waste.

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