School Lunches

Usually packed items through out the week are carrots, apples, berries, oranges, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, Fruitcup, occasional yogurt drink, yogurt in my own container, granola bar wrapped in paper towel. Juice box, sandwich meats(beef and smoked), hotdogs and any leftover meats from supper like chicken or steak. Everybody likes different things so there is a lot of variety.

3 lunch cans for our school kids. I try my best to steer from packaged snacks. I make my own granola bars. I put crackers and such in containers. Fruit goes in containers too. I tried reusable juice boxes, but they started to leak and I didn’t know what to do with them to make the leaks stop. Not lay them down I guess, but that is impossible with lunch cans. They are flip flopped in every position! For now, I switched to juice boxes from cartons, at least they care recyclable. Looking into something more leak proof, and not break the bank! One thought that comes to mind about those disposable juice boxes is how come they can not be opened like cartons of milk? The little milk cartons. Alaina never uses the straw. She manages to poke the hole without it(I’m not sure how) and just drinks out of the hole. Other kids do not too she says.

No sandwich bags needed! Though, containers take a lot of space! I would like to make cloth bags for school which would help with space. Here is a link to the idea.

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