Recycling K-Cups

Not all of us have made the switch to using reusable K-Cups for the Keurig and thats okay. (Update February 2019, re reading this post, and no, its not okay. Plastic is plastic, it needs to get cut out). Lots of those pods are now recyclable! Just make sure the box tells you they are recyclable, or check the bottom of the pod. The catch, you have to disassemble them first.

The instructions say to remove the film cover, dump out the contents and recycle the container with the filter. But the filter is not recyclable and you can not simply rip it off . . .

Note: I did not cut my thumb when removing the lid. Separate incident! Lol!!

The only way I have managed to take it off is to cut the container below the lid with scissors. The filter will get cut at the same time.

Once the container and lid are separated, dump the contents, filter included into the compost and you are left with a recyclable container and can trash the lid. Trashing the lid is far better than trashing the whole pod!

Update February, 2019. I have patience and hope that my husband will make the switch away from these k-cups. He knows about the matter, but like everyone else who is on the plastic free journey, they too were in this and changed when they were ready.

Update, April 2019. We are finished with the single use pods, Chris made the switch!!

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