Less Packaging!

Another weekly trip to the grocery store. First stop was the Bulk Barn. Actually, I made two trips as I needed refills on lots of items.

Pretzels, rice, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, large rolled oats, macaroons, chocolate covered almonds.
Gummy bears, coffee, Grahm crackers, shreddies, bran flakes, candy treats, baking powder, salt, chocolate chips, suckers(I know),

You will notice my yogurt containers. I love using them at the Bulk Barn. They are a perfect size for scooping in products. Its not too small, and they carry the amount of product I want to get. If I need more, I will fill two containers worth. By¬† bringing in these containers, I don’t have to empty the little bit left from my pantry containers. Plus, the yogurt containers are washed right after they are used and are then clean and ready to go for the next trip. I managed to clean off the label from the lids (most of them) and I am assigning the lids with permanent marker to products. That way they have a permanent label that is not tape which would be removed/ruined when washed. Also, I add the product number used by Bulk Barn to make it easier for them to punch in the product codes. As well, the lid has the weight marked for the container.

Here is an example of refilling my pantry containers, nuts. A show of my newly made labels too. Stock card, a hole punched out, labeled and an elastic band that is attached and wrapped around the jar. This way, when I want to wash my container, simply take off the band, and the label does not get ruined.

Gala apples, green apples, naval oranges, carrots, pepper, field cucumber, celery, broccoli, peach and plum. Package free.

I did find grapes in a recyclable bag, only reason I bought them. I also bought a peach and a plum, trying to encourage my kids to eat other fruits too. Mostly a no go. Also, strawberries and raspberries in a shell package, though, recyclable. Recently I found out that the thin wooden crates the local berries are packed in, are waste! I want to support locally, but not by means of waste packaging. I opted the buy non local products.

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